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Zadar is known for its rich collection of historical structures, bulk of those predominantly constructed during the Roman Empire. Choose your favorite car from our large rental fleet, along with a suitable Zadar car rental deal. While a rental car surely provides an unmatched convenience, our Zadar car rental deal offers substantial saving on local commuting tariffs. Book a frugal Zadar car rental deal right from the comfort of your home, in three easy to follow steps.

Urban structure gained momentum in the Roman era when Zadar got strong city walls, massive gates, and tall watch towers during the rule of Emperor Augustus and Julius Caesar. While temples, basilica, and forum were built within the town, cemeteries and amphitheatre were located outside the town. The aqueduct that used to supply water is still preserved. An old medieval town with several monasteries and churches was also settled within the main town. Despite suffering heavy bombardment during the World WAR II, Zadar has been able to preserve much of its exquisite historical heritage. Many of its monuments have undergone a significant restoration that gave a fresh lease of life to Romanesque architecture.

Notable tourist attractions of Zadar are - Roman Forum, Roman aqueduct, St Donatus' Church, St. Anastasia's Cathedral, St Chrysogonus's Church, Five Wells Square, St Elijah's Church, Citadel, Land Gate, Great Arsenal, public library, Loggia del Commune, and the palace of the priors.

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