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Marked with some really interesting cultural happenings, the city of Zadar offers a vibrant culture. Influenced by Roman, Croatian, and French cultural attributes, the city of Zadar is home to some finest cultural institutes. Drive freely to all the worth seeing places in our super economical Zadar car rental deals, which come embedded with range of benefits. With couple of cultural centers being located distantly, a ride in our Zadar car rental service offers a comfiest way to commute.

The city’s first university, which was part of Dominican Monastery, came into existence in 1396. In addition to Dubrovnik and Split, the city of Zadar played a phenomenal role in the development of Croatian literature. Prominent writings in the Croatian language are found to be written in the 15th and 16th centuries. Prolific writers included names of Petar Zoranic, Juraj Baraković, Jerolim Vidolić, Brne Karnarutić, and Sime Budinic. Il Regio Dalmata - Kraglski Dalmatin was the fist newspaper published under the French rule. By the second of the 19th century, the city of Zadar emerged as a hub of several national and cultural revival movements.

Major cultural centers of Zadar are - National Museum, University of Zadar, Croatian Theatre House, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Ancient Glass, Sacral Art Exhibition, Arsenal Zadar, and the Society of Croatian Music.

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