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Knin Car Rental

Knin is a major archeological site of Croatia. Located around 35 miles east of Sibenik, the city of Knin is situated within the northern part of Dalmatian. Explore the captivating Roman ruins in our Knin car rental deals. Powered by VIP Cars, and backed up several leading suppliers, our Knin car rental deals offer a value for money commuting option. Be it a local sight seeing tour or an archeology trip, our Knin car rental packages offer sheer driving pleasure.

Guide to Knin

Located in Croatia’s Sibenik-Knin county, the city of Knin lies near the River Krka. Spread across 172 sq mi, the city of Knin holds immense infrastructural importance, as the railroads from Zadar, Sibenik, and Split pass through the city, before heading towards Zagreb, the nation’s capital city.

The initial Roman settlement flourished on the Dinaric Alps’ foothills, which were also the site of the Knin Fortress. The recently excavated town of Burnum is nearly 11 miles away from the city. Another amphitheater, constructed around 77 BC, has been found in Dalmatia. Other locations including, Kapitul and Biskupija are also historic sites, with their existence dating back to the 10th century. Knin is served by two major airports including, Split Airport and Zadar Airport, located at an approximate distance of 48 miles and 66 miles respectively.

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